FREE LEGAL CONSULTATIONGregory & Gregory’s team of professionals is ready to help you in both recovering Lost Equity and providing you more time in your home with Eviction Defense Services. We handle everything from filing court documents to calculating the surplus funds from the foreclosure sale by researching the sale price, trustee fees, the balance owed to the senior lien-holder, any junior liens and any other encumbrances on title. Our goal is to get you the most money back and give you the most time in your home.FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION


Many Homeowners are unaware they are entitled to cash from their foreclosed property.
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Move on your own terms not on the bank’s. Get 6 to 8 months in your home even after the foreclosure!
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Filing for a Foreclose refund can be very complicated. Other entities will also have claims to the property.
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If you face eviction after a foreclosure sale, you are still entitled to any surplus funds that remain.  We are experts in getting you the most cash to you after the foreclosure.  We have a proven track record in processing surplus funds claims and work diligently to get you those funds quickly!

Many homeowners are unaware that they are entitled to cash from their foreclosed property after a foreclosure auction.  The law states that that difference of the unpaid balance and selling price of the foreclosed property should be awarded to the prior most recent owner of the property.  Although the amount of surplus money after the foreclosure varies, it is often a big help for those people who are trying to start their lives in a new place.

Each state has specific procedures regarding claims of surplus funds, Gregory & Gregory has experience in dealing with these lenders and trustee’s who often try and inflate their fee’s and monies owed.  We make sure that they are truly owed the funds they are claiming and fight to get you the most cash due back to you.

Calculating Surplus Funds

Gregory & Gregory’s team of professionals are adept at calculating surplus funds from the foreclosure sale by researching the sale price, trustee fee’s, the balance owed to senior lien holder, any junior lien holders, other encumbrances on title, proper auction fees, proper attorney fees and filing fees.  We handle all negotiations and filings of all your documents and any calculations needed for deductions or disputes.

In some cases, your lender will not disclose the exact amount of surplus funds. Gregory & Gregory will demand an exact accounting including any arrears and penalties they are claiming to ensure that your full claim is given to you. We have seen cases of foreclosure surplus funds fraud when others make claims to deprive homeowners of their rights completely, our staff will assert your claims and fight any bogus entities that illegally try and take your money.

Our professional team will always keep you informed about the process and timelines and you will be advised and consulted throughout the process.

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